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The Meeting Place

Inspired by the tribal eating philosophy of South East Asia, our collective of awesome Asian Chefs here at Commune are on a mission to satiate your soul through food and rituals. Our tribe want to share their family recipes with you, see the colours of their village markets, taste the freshness of their handpicked herbs, feel the love and tenderness of their recipes. The menu is made up of dishes mainly made for sharing.  At its very heart, our food and eating is a communal experience that brings together friends, fortifies families, unites neighbours, and acquaints strangers.


Hot, Sour, Salty or Sweet. Raw, Wok Fried, Poached , Braised, Steamed or Grilled.  You will see and taste traditional Asian cooking techniques in every single plate. Provenance and purity are at the source of

everything we do for you. Each month a special edit of specific border towns, festival street food or family recipes will be shared.


With a passionate focus on the art of tea, we match each meal to a tea tonic to enrich your health and wellbeing, along with a gluten-free dim sum and Tea Bar for a fast lunch or twilight zone feast.


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